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Amazing 4-5 weeks with ___estherwoolley_

Esther Wooley

"For years I have been trying to get myself motivated about fitness but to no avail. Since starting PT with Rob I have been so motivated each session which is a sentance I never thought I would say. Each session I have pushed and excelled myself, done things I never thought I could do. Rob has made me feel motivated, confident and proud within myself"

"I do what people aren't willing to do today so I can do what they can't tomorrow"

Matt Fraser

Dr Margaret Amos

Senior Independent Non Executive Director, Audit, ESG and Renumeration Chair

James Hollingsworth

Marketing Director B2B

Lowe & Fletcher Group

John Macdonald

Director MacDconsult Ltd and IMD Consultants Ltd

Dr Paula Moffatt

Professor at Nottingham Law School, Nottingham Trent University

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