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  • L4 STRENGTH & CONDITIONING COACH  (Strength & Conditioning Education 2019)

  • L3 PERSONAL TRAINER (The Training Room 2017)

  • L3 FITNESS INSTRUCTOR (The Training Room 2017)

  • L3 MATT PILATES INSTRUCTOR (Health and Fitness Education 2020)

  • MOUNTAIN LEADER TRAINED (Plas y Brenin National Outdoor Centre 2022)

  • Trainee Nutritionist (Future Fit 2022)



I have 5 year’s experience with my own business working as a free-lance personal trainer / strength and conditioning coach. I have predominantly worked with females between the ages of around 40-65 to lose weight and improve their overall strength and fitness, however have trained clients of all ages and abilities using my own studio in the peak district and within their own homes. I have worked for 2 large international businesses providing health & wellness services and have trained various business owners including the CEO’s of Cloudbooking LTD & 8848 Consultancy. My background is primarily strength & conditioning having played a lot of competitive sport so I aim to build functional strength & cardiovascular fitness with all clients through combinations of resistance training, high intensity work, aerobic conditioning, mobility & flexibility work. I provide unique training tailored specifically to your interests, body type and desired goals. I will guide you on your whole journey with continued support outside of sessions via WhatsApp and email. I am here for you and no one else, this is your time to develop whether that’s through your physical wellbeing and/or mental health. Nutrition is a hugely important aspect of everyone’s health so I aim to guide you on all the possible and best nutrition strategies that will work around your lifestyle. I will provide you with various E-Books to help support your training and make sure you’re doing your own exercise outside of sessions, which means I will nag you and keep you accountable! I have had many clients loose 1-3 stone following simple strategies that don’t involve you making huge changes to your normal routines.

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